Google VS Facebook| This might be beneficial for SEO experts

Search Engine Optimization is great because it’s a tactic that targets people that are looking for specific keywords. Thus, this kind of marketing is the only one that avoids interrupting people from what they do. When people find a website through Google, it’s because they requested it. Can we say the same thing for the other kind of advertising methods? The answer is obviously no.

Facebook does a  good job with Facebook ads, but ads or dark posts are still intrusive in people’s feed even if the topics are related to what people like. However, recently, Facebook introduced a search bar that is much more dynamic than what it used to be. Before, when people clicked on the upper left search bar, Facebook would offer choices or finish what they were writing with: profiles, pages, events or groups that their profile was already friend or connected with. If you go on Facebook, you will see that their search bar has now changed. If you start typing words, the search bar will complete your words with profiles, pages or groups that you are not necessarily connected with.

This means that Facebook is becoming an internal search engine. So Facebook will start to compete with Google as a search engine like Google did it with Yahoo when it was created. This is great news for the search engine optimization because it means that Facebook posts, videos, pages and groups can benefit from SEO! This means new opportunities for SEO experts.

Here’s a great video explained by my colleague Owen Hemsath.

This is probably why Linkedin put SEO in the top 10 professional skills that entrepreneurs will need in 2017.

This will probably create another situation. Like with Google where SEO is not the most welcome profession because it competes with Google Adwords visibility, Facebook will try to fight SEO with algorithm change and penalties to fight against SEO. Because SEO will probably interfere with Facebook Ads. The only advantage that Facebook has on that matter is that it limits the amount of traffic for a post that is not advertised. The interrogation that we have is how will Facebook limit traffic for a particular organic post if they want their search bar to be efficient?

They will probably need to stop limiting traffic to non-paid posts, and this will open the door to a lot of successful SEO tactics to help business owners. If Facebook becomes known for a reliable search engine, it will create a great competition against Google.

We are looking forward to seeing the evolution of this situation.

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