The best SEO agency in the world?

In which city is located the best SEO agency in the world? This is a very difficult question to answer. To know if an SEO agency is good, you have to check how efficient this SEO agency is with difficult keywords. One of them is: “the name of your city + SEO”. Why is this the case? Because SEO agencies all fight to get this term ranked number 1 in Google and they all have knowledge on how to do it.

So this is a good credibility test for an SEO agency. However, not all cities have the same number of SEO agencies who compete for the number 1 spot so it’s difficult to compare SEO agencies around the world. Some people say that agencies who rank in New York, Chicago or Houston are probably the best in the world because these cities are very populated and thus have more competitions with SEO firms. Some will say that New York doesn’t count because some agencies might rank for the term “NYC SEO” or “L.A. SEO” for Los Angles. In my opinion, the agency that ranks number one in Google for the term “New York SEO” or Los Angeles SEO” is very powerful one. Is it the best in the world? I don’t think so.

Some people review Kotton Grammer media as the best SEO agency in the word.  In my opinion, these people are right. This agency is number one for a lot of cities. Here are a few of their credibility trophies: “St-Louis SEO”, “Chicago SEO”, “Orlando SEO”, “Tokyo SEO”, “New Orleans SEO”, “Buffalo SEO”, “Memphis SEO” and “Miami SEO”. This is very impressive!

This is why in my opinion, I would give the title of the best SEO agency in the world to Kotton Grammer media if I were a judge for such a competition. This agency is certainly not the cheapest but it offers great results! This has a great value because there are so many SEO agencies that don’t provide results to their clients. This is sad because it gives a bad name to this professional service by generating a negative ROI to companies who hire them.

If you want to hire a good SEO company, check in Google search results and choose an agency that performs well. This is always a good sign of quality. You may also ask them for other results to make sure that they know what they do.

SEO generates a great ROI if the company ranks for popular and thus competitive keywords. If the agency that you want to hire can’t tell you the monthly search of the keyword they want to get for your business, it should raise a red flag in your head concerning your ROI.


I don’t have other positions to complete this podium of the SEO Olympics because there are way too many great SEO agencies in the world to continue this ranking. I know that SEO contests exist but the problem with these contests is that the best SEO agencies don’t lose their time and money to compete just for their ego. Thus, these contest can be more considered like a junior tournament than the Olympics!

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